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 2011 Melinda Ann

Summer’s Almost Over, Have You Had Your Melinda Ann Tour Yet?


Does your Lake Association, Road Association, group of friends and neighbors, camp group, or school group want to learn more about your lake and its health? Start by scheduling a tour on the Melinda Ann, a floating scientific classroom, to get hands-on experience with the tools used by lake monitors across the state. You will also learn about the natural processes at work that make your lake a dynamic living system, and ways that you can help maintain its beauty and integrity. The Melinda Ann, captained by Lake Educator Phil Mulville, comes to your lake so that you may experience it from an entirely different point-of-view. From the macroinvertebrates to plant and animal life seen with the Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV), you will gain a new appreciation for the thriving lake-system in your backyard.

For more information, visit our Education link highlighting pages and resources for the 'Aboard the Melinda Ann: On the Water Activities'.

 MLRC Preview

Summer Preview: Maine Lakes Resource Center

Kennebec Journal: 'Maine lakes resource building nets positive reviews'

The highly anticipated Maine Lakes Resource Center (MLRC) will have a Summer Preview on July 4th to allow the public a sneak peak into the new facility. The Center will be closed following the Preview in order to complete some finishing touches before the Grand Opening, which is slated for July 30th. The newly appointed Executive Director of the MLRC, Kathi Wall, is anxious for the new building to be completed. “We are all excited to begin the process that will move this project forward. It will take the entire community and all of us working together”. The Maine Lakes Resource Center will be a tool for individuals and lake associations across the state, providing a wide variety of information about watershed programs, lake health and monitoring. A weather station has been incorporated into the building, and will allow people to view a live-feed of Great Pond Stream and current weather conditions on Great Pond. Once open, the MLRC will regularly host educational and cultural events, centered around its primary mission: Making Conservation a Tradition.


125 Attend the 41st Annual Maine Lakes Conference at Colby College in Waterville, Maine, June 25th.

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James R. Fleming’s Keynote Talk, a Sense of Place, showed the contributing parts of Maine’s Sustainability Solutions Research Initiative



E.B. White, Once More to the Lake, 1941: A few weeks ago… I bought myself a couple of bass hooks and a spinner and returned to the lake where we used to go, for a week's fishing and to revisit old haunts [with my son]…. It is strange how much you can remember about places like that once you allow your mind to return into the grooves which lead back. You remember one thing, and that suddenly reminds you of another thing. I guess I remembered clearest of all the early mornings, when the lake was cool and motionless, remembered how the bedroom smelled of the lumber it was made of and of the wet woods whose scent entered through the screen… I was always the first up I would dress softly so as not to wake the others, and sneak out into the sweet outdoors and start out in the canoe, keeping close along the shore in the long shadows of the pines. I remembered being very careful never to rub my paddle against the gunwale for fear of disturbing the stillness of the cathedral….We went fishing the first morning… and [I] saw the dragonfly alight on the tip of my rod as it hovered a few inches from the surface of the water. It was the arrival of this fly that convinced me beyond any doubt that everything was as it always had been, that the years were a mirage and there had been no years.


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